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Klogs,  Extra Depth Shoes,  Mild Compression Socks

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Robert J Hodge C. Ped
Board Certified Pedorthist

1727 East Tinmouth Rd West Rutland VT

Pedorthist: one who designs, manufactures, fits and/or modifies shoes and foot orthoses to alleviate foot problems caused by disease or injuryRob Hodge trained at the school for Prosthetics and Orthotics at Northwestern University and has been a Certified Pedorthist since 1987.  Rob has also fit ski boots for 32 years.  Ski Magazine named him as one of the best boot fitters in the country.

Why Hodgethotics and not some other provider?

There are many ways to mold orthotics and we have tried them all.  Our orthotics are molded directly to the foot to help reduce the variables that can cause discomfort.  Every orthotic is fabricated right here in Vermont by Rob Hodge.  They are not sent out to a huge impersonal lab.

The materials are of the highest quality and many hours are spent researching new materials as they become available.  We are constantly looking for ways to make you more comfortable.

Currently semi-rigid plastic is used for support, and medium and soft density top covers are used for cushioning.  In some cases an extra soft top cover, made of the greatest shock-absorbing material available today, is used.

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